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  Address: Dunajska cesta 116, 1000 Ljubljana

  Phone: +386 51 388 797

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What exactly do we offer?

The cost of the familiarization tour is 650 € per person for single accommodation, 500 € for double accommodation. The cost includes:

• Accommodation - 3 nights in one of boutique hotels in the center of Ljubljana;

• Transfer from Ljubljana or Venice airports;

• 2 lunches in gourmet restaurants.


If you purchase property, we return the cost of a standard package for one person.


* Air tickets shall be paid by you separately. At your request we can help you to book and buy air tickets.
** At your request for an additional fee we can help you to book and buy air tickets.

We and our partners provide detailed consultations in the following areas:

  • immigration to Slovenia: obtaining a residence permit, moving to permanent residence, and business immigration;

  • purchase of real estate in accordance with the criteria set by clients;

  • studying the local services market (home improvement, choosing the right educational institution or kindergarten for your children);

  • other issues.


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Savour the experience! Meet the winemakers in their cellars, vineyards and homes!

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