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Love skiing mountains? Slovenia is a genuine Alpine country and offers a range of up-to-date local skiing resorts with new infrastructure and perfect service for any level of skiing. The nearest Krvavec resort is just 30 minutes away from the center of Ljubljana.

If you want even more, just drive 1 hour and get to world famous ski resorts of Nassfeld and Tarvisio in Austria and Italy.

Love yachting? Portoroz on the Slovenian Adriatic coast hosts one of the largest marines in the Eastern Mediterranean. You will also find there and in the neighboring Croatian cities of Porec, Roving, and Pula lots of different water sports and entertainments.

Love food? Located in a very center of Europe, Slovenian cuisine has absorbed all the best traditions from Italian, Bavarian, Hungarian, and Slavic cuisines. Diverse Slovenian restaurants will surprise any gourmet food lovers by high quality standards and service and full variety of different dishes of modern European, Mediterranean, seafood and simply local traditional cuisines at very reasonable prices!

Love good wines? Wines of Slovenia are of a very high quality and standards! Outside of the country they are highly appreciated by the "narrow circle" of sommeliers but not well known by general public. The orange wine lovers will discover that Slovenian orange wines quality and especially variety is really second to none. Visit Slovenia and check it out!


Traveling around different countries, the real coffee lovers get disappointed quite often with the quality of their favorite drink. It will never happen to you in Slovenia. Coffee here is just as good as all over Italy or Vienna. Visit Slovenia and check it out!